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Beware of scammers

We, at English Cables, are dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality cables and wires in Pakistan. We are committed to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction. However, we have recently become aware of fraudulent individuals attempting to deceive customers by selling counterfeit products under our trusted name.

It has come to our attention that some scammers are falsely representing their products as genuine English Cables. These unscrupulous individuals are attempting to capitalize on our well-established reputation and the trust we have built with our esteemed customers over the years.

We want to assure you that English Cables holds a registered trademark under number 204239. This trademark represents our authenticity and adherence to stringent quality standards. To ensure you are purchasing original English Cables products, we urge you to look for the registered trademark 204239 on the packaging and labels of our cables and wires.

To safeguard your interests and avoid falling victim to these counterfeit schemes, we recommend the following precautions:

  1. Purchase from Authorized Retailers: Only buy English Cables products from authorized retailers or distributors. These trusted sources are committed to upholding our brand’s integrity and providing you with genuine products.
  2. Verify the Trademark: Always check for the registered trademark 204239 on the packaging and labels of the products you intend to purchase. This trademark is a testament to the authenticity of English Cables.
  3. Scrutinize Packaging and Quality: Examine the packaging for signs of tampering or poor quality. Counterfeit products often have inconsistencies in branding, substandard materials, or spelling errors.